“On Easter Sunday in 2014, the Lord spoke to Theresa to "Go Out and Bring Them In". ”

Theresa Biggs 

Theresa grew up in a very violent, dysfunctional, and abusive home in Tucker, Georgia. Her mother and father divorced when she was 10 years old and her stepfather was an extremely abusive alcoholic. At the age of 12, she was placed in an orphanage with her brothers and sister, only to be brought back home a year later to the same painful and abusive home life.At the age of 13, she began what would be a very long battle with drugs and alcohol, 3 drug rehab treatment programs and 3 abortions. BUT GOD! 

In 1984 she became pregnant for the 4th time with her son. That’s when she found a relationship with Jesus and began a new life. Her ministry began in 1983 as a pregnant, unwed Waffle House waitress. She was known as "Mother Theresa". Although those were the most difficult years of her life, they were the years she came to know God as Abba Father. A few years later she became pregnant again and married the father of her daughter. Although they met in church, he too was a drug addict/alcoholic and an abuser. After divorcing, Theresa went into hiding with her newborn baby girl and 2 year old son. After 2 failed marriages and a long string of abusive relationships along the way, she met and married a wonderful, Godly man named Jim Biggs.

On Easter Sunday in 2014, the Lord spoke to Theresa to "Go Out and Bring Them In". With a handful of faithful volunteers and 5 grandchildren in tow, they went to the Community Kitchen and said, "Whosoever will, get into the cars, we are going to Abba's House.” That was the day that Exodus Ministries was birthed.The ministry grew to 50+ attending Abba's House from homeless shelters and the inner city each week. In 2019, Exodus Ministries transitioned to a twelve-month faith-based supportive housing program that applies a holistic approach to addressing the root causes of homelessness. In partnership with the Chattanooga Housing Authority and local churches, Exodus supports individuals and families in making and sustaining changes that lead to balanced, healthy lives and restored relationships. She is now known as "Mama T" to friends and those she serves and ministers to in the community.